Goals And Code of Ethics


The companies participating in AMC-Switzerland
meet regularly to exchange views and share their experiences
benefit from their common synergies and their specialisation in order to continuously improve the services they provide to their clients.
Code of ethic

  1. Independence

    We are companies which are specialised in the management, the administration and the support of non-profit organisations. We maintain full managerial and strategic independence from our clients.

  2. Prevention of conflicts of interest

    We do not enter into contractual relations with any client which might compromise or conflict with the interests of an existing client without the formal prior approval of the existing client.

  3. Contracts

    The contracts signed with our clients are clear and discribe what is to be expected. The mandates, the services provided, as well as the commitments and the fees (hourly rates, flat rates) are defined clearly.

  4. Rights of property

    The archives, files and documents established on behalf of our clients, as well as the information gathered during the course of our professional engagement for this client, are returned to the client's property at the expiration of the mandate.

  5. Quality standards

    We carry out our services according to the highest professional standards. We act exclusively in the interest of our clients. For this purpose, we work with qualified and experienced staff. We take care in developing the professional skills of our staffs as well as the quality of our services through an adequate professional training.

  6. Discretion

    We comply with the professional secret. All confidential information that we receive from our clients during the mandate is treated as such and used exclusively for the benefit of the client concerned. We strictly abide by the laws related to the protection of persons and data.

  7. Professional integrity
We take the full responsibility of the professional actions of our employees and are responsible for the quality of our services.

The code of ethics is derived the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of the American (ASAE) and European (ESAE) Societies of Association Executives, Association Management Companies Section.